Agnes Fynnie

On the 11 July 1644 Agnes Fynnie was arrested and sent to the Tolbooth in Edinburgh. There were twenty charges of witchcraft and sorcery on the court dittay.

That whereas by the eighteenth chapter of Deuteronomyand the twentieth of Leviticus, and the seventy third act of the ninth parliament of Queen Marie, all sorcerie is prohibit; yet the said Agnes has committed the crymes following:

First: having Threatened Mr Willian Fairlie’s son to send him halting home, , he within twenty-four languished in so incurable a disease, that he died.

Second: that she laid upon Beatrix Nisbet a fearfull disease, so that she lost the power of her tongue!

Third: that she laid a grievous sickness upon  Jonet Grinton, whom ye threatened that she should never eat more in this world  and of which she died.

Fourth: that ye came in to visit John Buchannan’s bairne, being sick of a palsie, and that by your devilrie he died within eight days.

Fifth: following a scolding with Bessie Currie, the said bairne’s mother, ye, in great rage threattned that ye gar the devill tack a bite of hir.

Sixth: that ye laid a grievous sickness on hir husband, John Buchannan, that he brant a whole night as if he had been in a fure, for taking his wife Bessie Currie’s part against you.

Seventh: that the said John being offended at you he streight contracted a long and grievous sicknesse, whereof he was lyke to melt away in sweiting.

Eighth: that in your scolding with Euphame Kincaid a gret just fell on the said Euphame’s daughter’s leg, being playing near your house, and crushed the same.

Ninth: ye ended a compt with Isobell Atchesone, andwhereupon the nixt day she brak hir leg by ane fall from a horse.

Tenth: Robert Wat, deacon of the cordiners, having fyned  your sone-in-law, ye cursed him most outrageously, since which tyme he fell away in his worldly means.

Eleventh: the laying on of a grievous sickness on Christian Harlaw.

Twelfth: that Christian Sympson being owing you some money ye threatened, in great rage, ‘that she should have a sore heart or that day eight days:’ according whereto, the said Christian’s husband broke his leg within the said eight days.

Thirteenth: that John Robieson having called you a witch, you in malice, laid a flux on him by your sorcerie.

Fourteenth: for appearing to John Cockburn in the night, when bothe doors and windows were fact closed, and terrifying him in his sleep, because he had discorded with your daughter the day before.

Fifteenth: for causing all William Smith’s means evanish, to the intent he might never be able to relieve some cloaths he had panded besude you.

Sixteenth: for onlaying a grievous sickness on Janet Walker, lying in childbed; and then ye being sent for ye assented, and she recovered of hir sicknesse presently by your sorcerie.

Seventeenth: that ye being disappointed of not having Alexander Johnstoune’s bairne’s name, whereon he tooke a strange sickness and languished long.

Eighteenth: having fallin in a controversie with Margaret Williamsone after which, she, by your sorcerie, took a grievous sicknesse, whereof she went blind.

Nineteenth: for laying a madness on Andrew Wilson, conforme to your threatening, wishing the devil to ryve the saul out of him and that because he had fallen in a brauling with your daughter.

Twentieth: for beiring companie with the devil these twenty-eight years bypast/

Agnes denied all charges

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