The Border Burnings: The story of the Witchcraft Trials of the Scottish Borders 1600-1700 (Border Voices CIC, 2008) ISBN-13: 978-0956077400


The Bewitching  of Sir George Maxwell of Pollock’, Scottish Local History, Issue 81, pp. 3-7, (August 2011)



A Tangled Web: Mata Hari: Dancer, Courtesan,  (The History Press, 2017) ISBN-13: 978-0750968195

Mata Hari Cover20181215_131538 (1)

‘New book reveals the truth behind the incredible life of most famous female spy in history.’ Sunday Mail


‘Erzsébet Báthory’, Saunière Society Journal, Volume7 No 13, (Winter 2019)



‘Kaspar Hauser and the politics of Metternich’ in Society Journal, Volume 8 No 14, (Summer 2020)


Beside the Annexe (Scaramouche Press) ISBN 979-8673041697

UPCOMING in 2020

The Borders Witch Hunt,’ published by Luath Press, is an exploration of the witchcraft trials of the 17th century in the Scottish Borders. Who were the accused, who were the accusers and why did an initial accusation almost always end in execution? And what was happening in the 17th century that led to those accusation in the first place?

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