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I am Mary W. Craig, a writer and historian living and working in Scotland.  I am a former Carnegie scholar and a graduate of the University of Glasgow.

I research and write extensively about various aspects of the history of northern Europe; most notably how political changes affect people’s lives and how individuals and communities react to those changes.

I have a particular interest in the women and men accused as witches in 17th century Scotland.

Some historians are known as hedgehogs, happily snuffling about rooting out the minutest of historical details. Others are known as eagles, soaring on high they see the great vistas of historical events. A few are known as magpies: if something shiny and interesting catches their eye they will try to capture it where possible. I am a magpie. My main focus in writing is to explore the lives of extraordinary people who lived through extraordinary times and to bring to life the history of Europe in all  its vivid colours.

I am a member of the Society of Authors in Scotland. I am a member of Europeana. I am a member of Dove Tales Scotland.

I also host a podcast with my friend Doug Swan called Borders Bletherings where we explore the curious, shadowy and magical history of the Scottish Borders. https://bordersbletherings.uk/

I hope you enjoy my writing here and in my books and articles and hopefully share in my passion for the history of Europe.

For further information, please contact me here.







2 Responses to About me

  1. Stephanie Hitchcock says:

    Enjoyed your interview on the Witches of Scotland podcast


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