Mata Hari Cover
‘Really enjoyed Mary’s new book about the life of Mata Hari. Well-researched and well-written and kept me gripped right until the end. Mata Hari must have been a fascinating woman and, brought to life in Mary’s book, she’s someone I would have love to have met.’ M Hodgson
“This is the best book I’ve read about Mata Hari. It’s a brilliantly researched biography of the world’s most sensuous spy. Published on the 100th anniversary year of her execution, historian Mary W. Craig’s book highlights a life that has more exciting twists than any work of fiction. Dutch-born Mata Hari became the exotic dancing sensation of Paris during La Belle Epoque, with an international collection of besotted lovers. Highly recommended.” G.B Welsh
“Well written, well paced and highly entertaining. Avoids the trap of simply concentrating on the sexual veneer of Mata Hari (though that’s obviously impossible to avoid, too) to creative a thought provoking and insightful biography of a woman possibly more sinned against than sinner. Trapped in a social straightjacket and who paid the ultimate price, quite possibly to hide the sins of others.A Tangled Web – Mata Hari, Dancer, Courtesan, Spy.” G Mulholland


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