Eine schöne Fotografie von Elizabeth am Tag ihrer Krönung als Königin von Ungarn, 8. Juni 1867



The entrance to old Vienna, the jewel of central Europe.



Stunning pictures of Fáczányi Pharmacy on Kőbánya, Budapest 1910




Fun image of Anita Berber in her Pierretto costume from her early days with the Rita Sacchetto dance troupe.



1st World War 015

Fighters on the streets of Berlin Christmas 1918.


 anita 8

Early image of Anita Berber from her time in the Rita Sacchetto troupe.


anita copy

A self portrait of Anita Berber



Poster for Anita Berber and her husband Henri Châtin-Hofmann’s classical/modern dance tour of 1925.




Image of Anita Berber from her 1924 film Ein Walzer von Strauß



The dancer Anita Berber with her grandmother, Luise Thiem in 1901.



The Weisse Maus cabaret in Berlin. 1925

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